Why won’t my machine start?

(1) Check you have unleaded petrol in the fuel tank and that there is oil in the sump.
(2) You may have flooded the spark plug. Remove the plug and dry off.

Can I sharpen the metal blade on the machine?

Blades can be sharpened by Reddifast Steels Ltd. Alternatively new blades can be purchased via our spare parts shop (order online or by calling Reddifast Steels).

What Oil should I use in the machine?

The recommended oil for the Ground Clearer is SAE30 Grade.

Should I wear special clothing to use the machine?

It is strongly recommended that the operator wears heavy shoes, gloves and safety glasses at all times when using the machine.

Should I clean the machine after use?

Cut grass can create acids as it decomposes and over time this may damage your machine Clean the exterior of the machine with warm, soapy water using a soft brush or cloth. It is good practice to wash off with a hose pipe, especially to remove the build up of grass around the blade housing and the underside of the engine. TAKE CARE WHEN CLEANING AROUND THE BLADE AREA.

How should I store the machine?

Store the Ground Clearer in a dry place. To assist storage the handle will fold down flat when the handle wing nuts are loosened. If you are storing the Ground Clearer for any length of time you should drain the fuel tank.

I purchased a machine from the previous manufacturer.Is my guarantee still valid?

We would like to reassure you that all guarantees relating to your machine will be honoured. Spare parts and servicing will be available as required for your existing Le-Mon machine.

Do I have to buy spare parts from Reddifast Steels?

Any damage caused to the machine through the fitting of parts not supplied by Reddifast will render the guarantee invalid.

How quickly can I get hold of spare parts?

The vast majority of parts are held here in our warehouse. However, any parts not immediately available from stock can be sourced within a few days. Email or call our customer care team to check availability.

Is it important to have my machine regularly serviced?

We do recommend that you regularly service your Ground Clearer machine, ideally before the main cutting season begins.

Should I undertake my own maintenance of the machine?

You are advised to frequently check the tightness of all nuts, bolts and screws on the engine, handle, chassis and blade. Stop using the Ground Clearer if any bolts or screws are missing and contact our spare parts department for replacement(s).

What people are saying ...

The Ground Clearer did a great job around my top pond area yesterday, so looking very smart. As I have said and will say again, this is a great little machine.

Judy, Buckinghamshire

Already big fan of ground clearer having owned one for about seven years. Recently needed some repair after a lot of work on nine  neglected acres…. We are now also fans of Reddifast and their superb customer service. Special thanks to June who kept us informed of progress with numerous texts and phone calls and Anthony who worked through his break so that we could have our ground clearer back the same day, saving us a return trip from Wales! Can’t recommend this company enough!

Ruth H

Solihull Conservation Volunteers has been Using the Reddifast ground clearer for some time and found it extremely useful for meadow management, greatly increasing an area that can be cut by one volunteer and for bramble clearing it reduces the effort required considerably.  The ground clearer has increased the efficiency of the group so much on these tasks that we have just obtained a second machine.

David Collins

I was pleasantly surprised by the ability of the Ground Clearer to do its job. The machine looks quirky but is certainly powerful enough to cut through the toughest overgrowth.

Oliver R, Bromsgrove

I am thrilled with my Ground Clearer and doubt if any other machine would perform as well as this one. I have 6 acres of land and use it all the time.

Adrian M, Devon